February 4, 2021

Chesapeake Concrete – Slab Foundation and Patio Addition

Chesapeake?Concrete – Slab Foundation and Patio Addition


This picture shows a footer, block and slab insulated foundation to the left for a addition. The right hand side is a patio to step out on from the addition. This work is now ready for the framer to come and frame the addition. This Project is located in the Deep Creek Section of Chesapeake.? Slab foundations are required to be insulated when the area is going to be a conditioned living space.

Norfolk Concrete – Crawl Space Addition

Norfolk?– Crawl Space Addition

This is a crawl space foundation for an addition in the Norview section of Norfolk, VA. We demolished an existing screened in porch that was 50 years old to make way for some extra living space for the couple living there.

Virginia Beach Concrete – Mullins Concrete

Mullins and Company Concrete is synonymous with?Virginia Beach Concrete.

The owner, Frank Mullins has been self-employed since 1995. He strives for perfection on every project. The owner is on-site for every concrete job to ensure the best possible results. Whether you are?looking for a new driveway, new sidewalks or custom stamped concrete, Mullins and Company ?Concrete is able to do the work.

Mullins and Company Concrete also does foundations for additions and garages.

Several of the area’s top remodeling contractors rely on our expertise to get their projects done quickly and accurately.

Mullins and Company?Concrete is a class A contractor (builder classification) registered with the State of Virginia Board of Contractors. Mullins and Company is also a member of the?Better Business Bureau.

Here are several pictures of recent work we have done in the Virginia Beach Area:

(Click on an Image for a better View)

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