February 4, 2021

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Decorative Stamped Concrete Patio Norfolk Virginia

Decorative Stamped Concrete Patio Norfolk Virginia

This is a stylish patio my company poured in August of 2006. I snapped this picture after resealing the concrete in May of 2012.? Stamped concrete requires periodic resealing. The interval of resealing depends on the quality of sealer, the number of coats,?the sealing conditions and the amount of daily direct sunlight the stamped concrete receives. One big mistake is to put on one thick coat of sealer. Two or three thin coats of top quality sealer is preferred.

Driveway Turnout Virginia Beach

Driveway Turnout for side loading garage


This picture shows the garage door of the side loading garage driveway.

Chesapeake Concrete – Slab Foundation and Patio Addition

Chesapeake?Concrete – Slab Foundation and Patio Addition


This picture shows a footer, block and slab insulated foundation to the left for a addition. The right hand side is a patio to step out on from the addition. This work is now ready for the framer to come and frame the addition. This Project is located in the Deep Creek Section of Chesapeake.? Slab foundations are required to be insulated when the area is going to be a conditioned living space.

Norfolk Concrete – Crawl Space Addition

Norfolk?– Crawl Space Addition

This is a crawl space foundation for an addition in the Norview section of Norfolk, VA. We demolished an existing screened in porch that was 50 years old to make way for some extra living space for the couple living there.

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